We are a Boutique IoT Consulting Startup based in

Silicon Valley, USA.

We believe that we understand startup's DNA very well !!
That makes us understand your needs best and transform your ideas into reality.

About Us

We don't think we are only "the best";
We are one among them.

We are a team of technical expertise, who do not claim to know everything... but we claim, we have mastered "the Art of Learning".

Meet the team

  • Ritesh Anand, Founder

    Ritesh always dreams about technology but doesn't like reading, so he reads only TOC and try to imagine the rest. He is a computer science graduate and works on IoT.

    George Scolaro

    George only design low power devices as he is scare of getting fried from high voltage. He is an EE graduate and can design any type of custom hardware.

    Sajith Kizhikkepurayil

    He lives and breath in cloud, loves mean stack, data analytics, machine learning and an open source advocate. He has a master's degree in computer from IIT, Bombay.

    Sumon Chaterjee

    He is a full stack developer.
  • Devbrat Singh

    He is thinking ... He is a full stack developer.

    Saurav Ranjan

    He is a full stack developer.

    Rahul Kumar

    He can't clean his room because he gets distracted by cool stuff he finds. He is a full stack developer.

    Vinit Raj

    Sometimes he prefer to use my face for emotions. He is a full stack and android developer.
  • Vipin Kumar Malik

    This is he. What you see is what you get. An embedded engineer.

    Sonam Kumari

    She is a bug finder.

Advice we get from

Premal Ashar

Co-Founder enlighted inc.
He is embedded and networking expert.

Arun Johary

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant
He is a serial entrepreneur and currently adviser to many early stage startup.

Raziel Tabib

CEO and Co-Founder of Codefresh
Passionate and Entrepreneurial, with strong customer facing presentation skills.

Anil Jwalanna

CEO and Founder of Witty Parrot.
Entrepreneur and Business Leader driven to enable technology as a competitive edge for business.


Some of our Clients

  • Weatherette
  • Calorbuddy app
  • Rockpack iPad
  • iPhone 6 Infinity
  • Browsers Glyphs
  • Browsers Glyphs
  • Browsers Glyphs


Transforming your idea into reality as early as in 4 weeks and the cost starting $499
How we do it ..?

Co-Brainstorm or Ideated

Before you start discussing your idea we encourage and help you to file a provisional patent if not done already.

We can build whatever you want, but it’s not about what you want, it’s about your user/customer. We question you with all W’s and H (Why, What, Where …How). And then co-brainstorm with your team to come up with an MVP (minimum viable Product) feature description which is key to the idea/problem you are trying to solve. We trust our customer good to have a signed agreement and NDA. 50% advance Payment, we offer discounts on full payment (see we know biz too).

Do Ground work

Identify right tool, technology stacks, open source, people and risk if any. Build wire frame for mobile and web app.
For Hardware project, identify of the self-component, crate semantic, estimates BOM price.
For industrial design- if (look and feel- casing, gear, cooling/ heat escape etc.)
We are Agile– so create story’s and break into the task.
Setup project management tool, Code version tool (Bit Bucket or GitHub), Dev environment.

Project Kickoff

Start coding and you follow our progress.
Pair programming – we know pair programming delivers great results. We care about quality so you get 2 programmer @ cost about 1.

System Testing and Idea Validation

We offer separate testing team to do user experience testing, real customer feedback all with no extra cost

Handing Over

Finally, MVP is yours. We just transformed your idea to reality!!!

It’s just not the end of our relationship.. It is just the start ..

We Believe in – “If one wants to be Successful, Make other successful first”
We help you build an engaging team when you are ready (remember we did pair programming for you)
Help getting customer hardware build in the USA or abroad.
Help costume fabrication: bulk or 1 peace 3D printed


● Ritzy Lab can help you in your hiring need.

● We can find best suitable candidates for your team from our network or from job site with thorough screening done by our technical hiring team.

● Our hiring team uses talentXOOM.com a technical assessment tool.

● Our team work hard to save your engineer's valuable time.


Internet of Things which is equal to- Embedded Device + networking + Cloud + Mobile App + Data Science + Machine learning.


Linux, RTOS, Custom board bring up, Device Drivers and BSP's.

Mobile app

Android and IOS.


AWS, Node.js, MEAN stack.


Low power custom board design.

Many Open source

Hadoop, Kafka, Rabbit MQ, OpenCV, ElasticSearch, Open NLP and many more...



talentXOOM makes hiring as simple as 1 2 3 ...


Your personal assistance in india.



We encourage learning, risk-taking, giving employees the freedom to prove themselves and grow.


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